Within the Mazingira Centre we focus on agricultural production systems – in particular mixed crop-livestock systems in the developing world. Thereby we are not only considering improvements in agricultural productivity due to projected agricultural intensification and subsequent environmental consequences. We further aim at halting or reversing land degradation, which leads to carbon and nitrogen losses into the atmosphere and hydrosphere.

The Mazingira Centre and its partners are implementing various research projects focusing on:

  • Improved agricultural production pathways that reduce the environmental footprint of smallholder systems in Africa

  • Implementation strategies designed to suit landscape to regional programs.

Within our group, terrestrial ecosystems are the main research “objects”. Thus, three major disciplines are present in our group (inner circle) to address scientific questions at different organizational levels, from the plant tissue to the ecosystem. Embedded within a landscape (green circle), these terrestrial ecosystems are subjected to external (regional to global) drivers (arrows). In our research, we address impacts by climate change, land use change as well as loss of diversity to develop and ensure sustainable and efficient resource use.