Alice Onyango, Dr. , Postdoctoral Researcher (The first successful Mazingira PhD student),


Alice successfully defended her PhD thesis at University of Hohenheim beginning of January 2018. Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Mazingira Centre under the ReDEAL project. She is furthermore responsible for our Wet Chemistry Lab and supported under GIZ-CIM framework of returning experts.
Betty Gisore, PhD fellow


Betty joined the Mazingira Team in Februar 2019 as a PhD fellow under our Programme for Climate Smart Livestock (PCSL) and will look into smallholder farmer nutrient budgets. Moreover, her works at understanding nutrient flows in smallholder farming systems, the quantification of greenhouse gases from individual system components and to identify options to improve overall farm efficiency.
Collins Ouma, Research Assistant – Soil Lab


Collins has recently finished his Masters where he investigated the effects of grazing exclosures on soil carbon storage and greenhouse gas emissions in Laikipia, Kenya. Since February 2019, he is assisting us in the soil lab and with greenhouse gas sampling.
Daniel Korir, Veterinarian, DAAD and IPCC PhD fellow (enrolled in University of Melbourne)


Brought up in tropical Africa where animal production has remained low despite genetic and disease control efforts, Daniels’s motivation is developing his career in resilient animal production in climatically changing ecosystems. Short CV here…
Erick Linus Kiprotich, trainer for smallholder farmers, Research Assistant


Erick’s work involves organizing and managing focused farmer training courses for smallholder farmers. He further prepares training materials and has strong skills in practical delivery of courses.
Francis Njenga, Research Technician


Francis has a longterm experience in running an analytical soil lab (previously at CIAT). His expertise is in C/N analysis, soil texture analysis and general biogeochemical lab analysis.
George Wanyama, Chemical Analyst


George is with Mazingira since its very beginning and helped significantly setting up all the instruments we currently operate. At the moment he is responsible for our gas lab while also supporting the team in all technical related issues.

Thanks for keeping things running George!

Hannah Mwaura, MSc candidate (Egerton University)

(picture to come)

Hannah joined the team in 2019 and her MSc thesis focused on the diet selection of sheep, goats and cattle in rangelands. As part of the Programme for Climate Smart Livestock team she assists with activity data collection of livestock at Kapiti Research Station.
Ibrahim Wanyama, (consultant)


Ibrahim finished his PhD thesis in 2019 and re-joined the Mazingira Team as a consultant in late 2019. Currently he reviews different pig manure management systems in Uganda.
Jesse Gakige, Research Associate


Jesse’ has previously been part of the lab as PhD student and joined the Mazingira Team in 2019 as Research Associate where he is now responsible for ongoing and future animal trials.
Josephat Mungoche Murunga, MSc student with University of Nairobi (LARMAT)


Josephat joined the Mazingira Team as a MSc student in February 2019. Previously he was one of our field helper taking greenhouse gas concentration measurements in the field. Within his MSc theses under our Programm for Climate Smart Livestock he will investigate differences in greenhouse gas emissions from tropical forages planted in various ways.
Kelvin Kinuthia, Research Assistant – Agronomic Trials

(picture to come)

Kelvin joined the Mazingira Team in early 2020 as research assistant. His core responsibilities are the coordination of the our agronomic trial and other field experiments
Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Prof Dr, Biogeochemist at KIT-IFU (external advisor)


Klaus’s research interests are understanding the feedbacks of global environmental changes on terrestrial ecosystems and biosphere-atmosphere-exchange of environmental important trace substances (N2O, NOx, CH4, CO2), the identification and characterisation of microbial processes involved in N- and C-trace gas production and consumption as well as process oriented modelling of carbon/ nitrogen turnover in terrestrial ecosystems and the calculation of emission inventories of biogenic trace substances on regional and global scales.
Lutz Merbold, Dr, Biogeochemist at Agroscope (external advisor)


Lutz research focuses on the detailed understanding of greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange in ecosystems worldwide, including wetlands, woodlands, forests, savannas, grasslands and livestock systems now and under climate change.
Michael Graham, Postdoctoral Researcher – Biogeochemical Modeling

(picture to come)

Michael joined the Mazingira team as a PostDoc in September 2019. His research focuses on implementing the data collected over the past years by the Mazingira team into biogeochemcial process models as well as to improve currently existing Life Cycle Assessment models that quantifiy the environmenal effects of livestock (ie GLEAM, CLEANED etc.).
Nelson Saya, Research Assistant


Nelson has previously been assisting Erick in delivering focused farmer training courses in Western Kenya. Since January 2018, Nelson joined the team as research assistant and is responsible to oversee ongoing and future animal trials within Mazingira.
Paul Mutuo, Research Technician


Paul has significant experience in working with gas chromatographs (>7 years, previously at ICRAF). He is currently responsible for our gas and wet lab.
Paul Mwangi, PhD fellow (enrolled in University of Melbourne)
(picture to come)

Paul has joined the team in 2020 for his PhD thesis, which focuses the effects of animal diseases on enteric methane emissions from sheep and cattle in rangelands and .

Phyllis Wanjugu N’dungu, DAAD PhD fellow (enrolled in University of Pretoria


Phyllis’s research focuses on quantifying enteric methane emission in livestock using IPCC guidelines for Tier 2 method. Phyllis is working within our IFAD funded project “Greening Livestock”. She recently finished her MSc and stayed with the team to further develop her scientific skills during her PhD studies. This will involve going back to previously collected data and identifying solutions to simplify the process. She further assists the team with overseeing activities currently being carried out in Tanzania.
Rodgers Rogito, Research Assistant – Wet Chemistry Lab


Rodger has previously been an MSc student within the Mazingira Centre and now joined the team as a research assistant where he is helping in our Wet Chemistriy lab.
Sheila Wachiye, PhD candidate  (external – at University of Helsinki, Finland)


Sheila successfully applied for a PhD fellowship with the Schlumberger foundation. While she is enrolled in University of Helsinki, Sheila’s projects focused on the quantification of greenhouse gases from four different land use types that were previously identified with remote sensing techniques in Southern Kenya.
Sheila Okoma, MSc, Research Assistant

(picture to come)

Sheila joined the Mazingira Team mid 2018 as a temporary research assistant supporting with greenhouse gas measurements in the field and in the lab.
Sonja Leitner, Dr, Scientist, Ecologist/Biogeochemist


Sonja joined the Mazingira team in March 2018. Her work focuses on nutrient cycling and GHG emissions in smallholder mixed crop-livestock and pastoral systems across East Africa. She has extensive experience with GHG flux measurements from soils and manure using different automatic and manual setups. Sonja is in charge of Mazingira’s soil and manure lab.
Stanley Mwangi, Office assistant


Stanley is supporting the lab by managing our workshop and ensuring the performance of the two biodigesters we were recently donated with by the Kenya Biogas Program and SNV.

Short CV here…

Tigist Worku, Research Technician (Ethiopia)

(picture to come)

Tigist joined the team in early 2019 under the Programme for Climate Smart Livestock (PCSL). She is based at ILRI Ethiopia and responsible for coordinating the PCSL activities in Debre Birhan and Afar in Ethiopia.
Victoria Carbonell, PhD candidate jointly with KIT IMK-IFU Germany and ETH Zurich Switzerland


Victoria’s research aims to investigate the effect of different management strategies on greenhouse gases (GHG) and ammonia emissions from livestock systems in arid-semi arid regions in Kenya.

Short CV here…

Yuhao Zhu, Dr, Postdoc jointly with KIT IMK-IFU Germany


Yuhao’s research focused on the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from organic fertilizers that are added to soil. Thereby he studies both the effects of fertilizer quantity and quality added to different soil types in Kenya.

Short CV here….