Andrew Mbithi, MSc student 


Andrew’s research focuses on the detailed understanding of precision feeding of animals. This involves the determination of the right amount of feed which will lead to efficient utilization of the nutrients with minimal excretion to the environment. Short CV here….
Asep Ali, PhD fellow, now Kassel University, Germany


David Pelster, Dr, Soil Scientist, now with Agrifood Canada


David’s research focuses on the detailed understanding of nitrogen cycling (including greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange) in a variety of ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, cropping systems (both large and smallholder farms) and livestock systems.

Short CV here….

Herman Kirui, MSc student


Herman is one of our MSc students whom work within the IFAD funded “Greening Livestock” project in Bomet county.
Hillary Rotich, MSc student, University of Nairobi, now in Poland

Hilary Rotich

Hillarys research focus is to provide outstanding and exemplary leadership in the field of Environmental conservation, climate change issues (main interest in the influence of different grazing lands management on the emissions of GHG and vegetation dynamics) and to change the lives of people by providing long lasting solutions to challenges of poverty, environmental degradation, biodiversity conservation and changing climatic patterns. Short CV here…

Joseph Macharia, PhD candidate, CLIFF-CCAFS fellow


Jospeh succesfully applied for CLIFF-CCAFS fellowship in 2016 and is currently quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from differently fertilized maize fields in Embu county.
John Goopy, Dr, Animal Nutrition Scientist (part-time consultant)


John’s research focused on on the detailed understanding of animal nutrition and feed science in livestock systems. Currently, he not only trains smallholder dairy farmers in animal nutrition and assist them to learn and to adopt new technologies in the dairy sector  but also mentors students within the Mazingira Centre working on animal greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen cycling with the animals and much more.

Short CV here…

Leonard Pfaff, BSc student (Freiburg University)


Leonard research focuses on the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from storage of manure and bioslurry.
Peter Kirui, MSc student


Peter was one of our MSc students whom work within the IFAD funded “Greening Livestock” project in Bomet county. His research focuses on quantifying enteric methane emissions from livestock using IPCC guidelines for Tier 2 estimates.
Peter Mosongo, PhD candidate (external with the Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Peter is currently aiming at gaining a PhD jointly with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on GHG emissions from agriculture in Kenya.
Samuel Mugo, MSc student


Samuel currently pursues his MSc degree in Tanzania under our IFAD funded “Greening Livestock” project. He particularly investigates cattle of smallholder farmers in one district in Central Tanzania (Mvomero). Based on his finding in the field he will estimate greenhouse gas emissions from smallholder dairy cattle following TIER 2 guidelines (IPCC).
Shade Akinsete, Dr. (CIRCLE fellow), now in Nigeria


Shade’s research interests includes: soil carbon sequestration and climate change, with specific interest in carbon sequestration in different land use types and greenhouse gas emissions; monitoring and assessment of contaminants (heavy metals and total hydrocarbons) in urban and peri-urban soils, particularly in developing countries. Short CV here…


Shimels Eshete Wassie, PhD fellow, now at University of Hohenheim, Germany


Shimels research interest primarily focuses on understanding different aspect of ruminant nutrition in the Tropics especially evaluating effects of feeding tropical feedstuffs on nutrient digestion, ruminal microbial activity, protein metabolism, nutrient partitioning. Short CV here…
Steven Okoth Owuor, PhD candidate 


Steven is a graduate fellow working on a project which focuses on understanding how land use and land cover changes affect groundwater recharge. The adverse effects of land use and land cover alter catchment hydrology as well as recharge of groundwater.

Short CV here…


Suzanne Jacobs, Dr, now Postdoctoral fellow University of Giessen, Germany


Suzanne’s work is on identifying the impact of land use on water resources in the South-West Mau, Kenya, comparing (natural) tropical montane forest with smallholder agriculture and commercial tea plantations. The aim is to understand how hydrological and biogeochemical cycling in this area are affected by land use, and more specifically, what the effect is on water quality and quantity – a very important question in an area under pressure of population growth and climate/land use change, where a lot of people depend on surface water as major water source. Her background is a lot broader than just hydrology. I am also interested in topics like forest management, eco(hydro)logy, conservation and climate change. Therefore I enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team and learning from the work of my colleagues.