Andrew Mbithi, M.Sc. student 


Andrew’s research focuses on the detailed understanding of precision feeding of animals. This involves the determination of the right amount of feed which will lead to efficient utilization of the nutrients with minimal excretion to the environment. Short CV here….

Asep Ali, PhD fellow, now Kassel University, Germany







Hilary Rotich, M.Sc. student University of Nairobi, now in Poland

Hilary RotichHillarys research focus is to provide outstanding and exemplary leadership in the field of Environmental conservation, climate change issues (main interest in the influence of different grazing lands management on the emissions of GHG and vegetation dynamics) and to change the lives of people by providing long lasting solutions to challenges of poverty, environmental degradation, biodiversity conservation and changing climatic patterns. Short CV here…



Shade Akinsete, Dr. (CIRCLE fellow), now in Nigeria

shade_akineseteShade’s research interests includes: soil carbon sequestration and climate change, with specific interest in carbon sequestration in different land use types and greenhouse gas emissions; monitoring and assessment of contaminants (heavy metals and total hydrocarbons) in urban and peri-urban soils, particularly in developing countries. Short CV here…



Shimels Eshete Wassie, PhD fellow, now at University of Hohenheim, Germany

shimels_wassieShimels research interest primarily focuses on understanding different aspect of ruminant nutrition in the Tropics especially evaluating effects of feeding tropical feedstuffs on nutrient digestion, ruminal microbial activity, protein metabolism, nutrient partitioning. Short CV here…