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ILRI ‘eWeigh’ mobile phone app to help farmers accurately estimate live weight of their cattle

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One of the most important and revealing attributes of livestock is their live weight. This single measurement can help farmers effectively manage their stock and is critical for making informed decisions on aspects of animal production such as feed rations, market value, administration of veterinary drugs and mating times. For instance, without a proper estimate of an animal’s live body weight, there is a potential risk of either overdosing or underdosing a sick animal with veterinary drugs; with the former leading to wastage and potential health risks and the latter leading to ineffective disease control.

A farmer in Migori County in Kenya displays his ‘eWeigh’ mobile phone app (photo credit: Joseph Oduor).

Live weight (LW) can also help farmers determine the nutritional condition of their animals, assess their growth rate and determine their breeding value. An animal’s weight is a reliable indicator of its overall condition if considered in relation…

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